CEPD Ghana engages in various programmes that will advance the quality of life for persons with disabilities.

CEPD offers counseling and mediation for disabled persons facing various challenges in their workplace and engages employers to draw attention to the needs of  Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) in their company.

2012 – Present            CEPD partnership with developing partners for the purchase and annual distribution of mobility equipments such as wheelchairs, crutches, walking frames etc for PWDs.

CEPD Ghana has been providing skills training to persons with disabilities since its inception in 2006.

CEPD conducts and facilitates vocational skills training for PWDs in cosmetics, bead making, production of pomade, powder, liquid soap etc in order to empower them to start their own businesses.

CEPD provide financial support to PWDs to procure equipment/tools to start their private enterprises in baking, catering, hair dressing, barbering, tricycles for house to house services and delivery services etc.

Partner with us to help more PWDs succeed.

2009 – Present            CEPD implemented Sports development projects for the disabled in collaboration with the national paralympic committee and the national sports authority to support persons with disabilities in creating recreation through wheelchair racing, wheelchair, basketball, sitting volley, power lifting, amputee soccer, Little People Soccer etc.

2009 – Present           CEPD  conducted and facilitated training programs for PWDs through Talent/Reality Shows,            Movie industry, Music industry and Arts industry. This initiative has produced Musicians, Disabled Super Star Dancers and a number of actors and actresses.

2009 – Present            CEPD conducts training for Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) on cv writing and job search tips.

Notable Advances made in Skills Training

2010-2014       CEPD conducted learning and sharing seminars for pwds
CEPD partnered with local enterprises and skills development programme (lesdep) to train and resource disabled persons nationwide. Some of the PWDs were supported with equipments ranging from industrial sewing machines, embroidering and interlocking, catering sets, hairdressing kits, ovens, motor bikes etc to do business
2012                CEPD provided support to PWDs to undergo oil and gas training to gain employable skills and employment
2012                CEPD trained PWDs with employable skills in Poultry Farming

The future for Persons of Disabilities

Join Us bring meaning to lives

We are seeking donations, partners and to assist us with the following projects that will take beggars off the streets and  improve upon the quality of life for persons with disabilities. 

  • Skill training – Short Courses for persons with disabilities to gain a career e.g Graphic Design, Secretarial, Computer Programming
  • Production Centers e.g. shoes and other artisan work
  • Entrepreneurial Hub
  • Shops